Noble Lift

Paranasal implant or Noble lift can improve not only the nasolabial groove but also the retruded upper lip area.

What's paranasal implant?

Paranasal implant is customized silicone implant like as nasal implant from Korea. There are several size to fit each person.

Surgical procedure

This is minor surgery like as  chin implant surgery.Small incision about 1 cm in length would be placed at the upper sulcus of mouth. The small space will be created in the subperiosteal plane to fit the implant size then there is no need to use fixation screw. Mucosal wound would be closed with absorbable threads.

Recovery time and Side Effect

There will be some swelling ,less bruises for few days to one week. The possible side effects are infection or displacement of silicone implant. Improvement of groove and upper lip area is permanent result.

Before & After



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Advised photo: Front and Side view (Face – no facial expression, no make up)