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Should surgical review be trusted?

There are a lot of cosmetic surgical reviews in the internet world. Which one could be trusted? Which one is real ? Which one is marketing campaign? Some succeed but many failed when they followed the reviews.

Fat transposition

To refresh under eye area,not only eye bag but tear trough or hollowness of under eye should be considered as well. In case of mild tear trough,eyebag removal alone can improve both baggy and tear trough.

Siam Swan Clinic in Thiland tourism guided book 2018

Dr.Niwet Sermsintham,M.D.,is the founder and current director of the Bangkok-based Siam Swan Cosmetic Clinic. Having received Board certification in plastic surgery in 1992, he has been performing innovative endoscopic cosmetic procedures for almost two decades.

Options in double eyelid surgery

Nowadays there are several methods for double eyelid surgery but careful evaluation should be considered before method's selection. Why? Because there are different in skin type, fat lobule ,brow position ,hollowness and preferred double lid fold.

Nano fat: tiny thing but big result

Nano fat will reverse some of the architectural changes in elastin and collagen, actually showing regeneration of the tissues.

7 Misunderstandings about eyelid and eye bag surgery

There are a lot of confusions and questions about periorbital surgery. These are the common misunderstandings about them.