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Celebrity double eyelid

Celebrity double eyelid is one kind of suturing double eyelid surgery that we provide with our own technique for more than 15 years.
It can last longer than the other techniques.

Surgical procedure

Without cutting, three to five points of stab wound are made on the eyelid together with secured suture tucking the eyelid muscle to form the natural double lid fold. No visible scar and quicker recovery are the privilege. 


There are some swelling for 3-5 days and it will be natural looking in one month. You can expect to return working at approximately in 3 days.


Our celebrity double eyelid surgery can last for years till permanent.The chance of knot loosening is quite low. There is no visible scar on the eyelid skin.

Please attach the photo file if you require our doctor assesment. One submit for one photo.
Advised photo: Front and Side view (Face – no facial expression, no make up)