Siam Swan Cosmetic Clinic / Doctor Profile

Doctor Profile

Dr. Parin Tatsanavivat

Board certified of General surgery 2007
Board certified of Plastic surgery 2010

* Plastic surgery instructor, Faculty of medicince, Thammasat University 2010-2012
* Plastic surgeon, Kamol cosmetic hospital 2012-2021
* Plastic surgeon, Bumrungrad International Hospital and Siamswan clinic 2021-present

Dr.Niwet Sermsintham ,M.D.

* Board certified of Plastic surgery in 1992
* Plastic surgery instructor in BMA Medical College during 1992-2004
* Plastic surgery consultant in Yanhee Hospital 1993-2003
* Founder and Director of Siam Swan Cosmetic Clinic 2005-present

Dr.Thana Chueabundit ,M.D.

* Board certified of Plastic surgery in 2011
* Plastic Surgery Instructor at Khon Kaen Hospital 2011-2018
* Plastic Surgery Consultant at Khon Kaen Ram Hospital 2012-2016
* Plastic Surgery Consultant at Bangkok Hospital Khon Kaen 2016-2018
* Partner practitioner at Siamswan Cosmetic Clinic 2018-Present