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7 Misunderstandings about eyelid and eye bag surgery

7 Misunderstandings about eyelid and eye bag surgery
1. Everyone can do laser eye bag surgery.
Even laser eye bag surgery, which is the procedure that eye bag will be removed from inner side of lower eyelid through laser surgery, is the best procedure to remove the under eye bag, it cannot be performed on every patient. Eye bag without definite excessive skin is the only good candidate for this procedure.
2. Lower eyelid surgery always causes the ectropion complication and obvious scar.
Similar to other cosmetic surgeries, the complication of a lower eyelid surgery depends on the surgeon's experience. Intraoperative evaluation and judgment are the most important factors to prevent this morbidity. With meticulous closing wound technique and tiny sub dermal dissolvable suture, ugly scar will be prevented and the scar will fade away in a short period of time.
3. Lower eyelid surgery can totally smooth the under eye hollowness.
Even some excess skin has been removed and the rest of eyelid skin will be tightened, hollowness cannot be completely corrected. This is because the hollowness is not only caused by skin laxity, but it is also caused by periorbital bony resorption. If lower eyelid skin has been over-removed in order to correct the hollowness, you will get the ectropion complication instead. Therefore, microfat transfer or filler injection should be an additional procedure for this condition.
4. Puffy upper eyes are always improved by fatty bag removal.
Puffy eyes are caused by many factors such as big fatty bag, thicken eyelid skin, low eye brow and even protruding eyes. Hence, fattier bag removal is helpful only in some cases. To lessen the puffy eye(s), sometimes, more than one procedure are needed, for example, endoscopic brow lifting.
5. All of fatty bag should be removed during upper eyelid surgery.
It's a misconception to remove all fatty bags from the upper eye socket. This is because removing all the fatty bags will cause the tired hollow eye and of course, not a younger looking one, especially for Asian. Hollowness will appear naturally in elderly then partial preserved fatty bag should be considered during upper eyelid surgery.
6. Upper eyelid surgery will correct brow drooping.
Many people have a misunderstanding about the result of upper eyelid surgery. They believe that lateral brow will be lifted up after this surgery, just like pulling the temporal skin. Then disappointments often occur after upper eyelid surgery since the more upper eyelid skin are removed, the more brow hooding will happen. To correct the dropping brow, brow lifting such as endoscopic brow lift is an advised procedure.
7. Lower lid fold is possible in sunken or deep-set eye.
Hollow or deep-set eye(s) is not possible to be fixed to lower double lid fold. They will always be high or ambiguous fold if double eyelid surgery is performed. Microfat transfer should be done to volumize sunken eye first and then double eyelid surgery could be done later.
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