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Nano Fat

   Nano fat: tiny thing but big result
    Nano fat is a new concept in fat grafting, which enables the physician to enhance the facial fine lines, skin texture , dark circles and thinning skin associated with aging using very tiny parcels of the matrix and it’s stromal vascular fraction, which include stem cells, growth factors and other regenerative material.
   Nano fat will reverse some of the architectural changes in elastin and collagen, actually showing regeneration of the tissues. Nano fat processing is not complicated but special device is required to emulsify the fat and make them to tiny parcel or Nano fat. Due to its emulsification property, we can use very tiny needle to inject like as dermal filler.
   Unlike the Micro fat transfer,Nano fat does not have the capacity to build up a significant fat volume. The volumatic effect of Nano fat is very limited because of the lack of adipocytes. The major effect of Nano fat injection is probably a stem cell activity as an in vivo tissue engineering process.
    Since Nano fat is a natural compound derived from your body, it is a safe and effective procedure with no risk of allergic reactions. We use Nano fat for facial fine lines, wrinkles, dark circle, sun damage skin and hand rejuvenation. To improve the volume and skin texture in special area like as periorbital and perioral part, Micro fat and Nano fat technique will be combined for the maximum result.
   Nano fat has been shown to improve hair growth in men and women with thinning in the early stages of alopecia (baldness) as well as to improve the appearance of scars and heal certain wounds. Nano Fat transfer is a tiny thing but the result is quite big.
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